Webinars & Workshops

Bode Cellmark Forensics offers a variety of training webinars and workshops that include overviews and demonstrations of our service offerings.  


Sign up takes less than two minutes and the webinars are free of charge. After you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the details you will need to join the webinar. This email will include a website link and a phone number to dial for hearing audio.  Each webinar is followed by a live Q&A session.  The webinars are designed for Bode Cellmark customers and invited guests, and are not open to the public. 

  • BodeHITS Webinar – Local DNA Database & DNA Analysis Webinar:  BodeHITS involves the creation of a local DNA database for law enforcement agencies to investigate property and drug crimes that are impacting their communities. BodeHITS gives law enforcement agencies the control to determine which samples are processed for DNA, provides direct access to DNA analysts, and offers fast turnaround times on samples, helping to develop investigative leads. This webinar includes a BodeHITS program overview and software demonstration.
  • Advanced DNA Techniques for Attorneys Webinar:  This one-hour webinar for criminal attorneys is focused on best practices for understanding and effectively utilizing DNA evidence in the courtroom. It is especially useful for gaining a better understanding of DNA; the types of evidence that can contain DNA; how DNA evidence relates to different cases; and how to interpret complex forensic DNA discovery material.
  • Mixture Analysis and Searching:  Techniques and Tools Solving Real World Problems:  Presenter: Dr. Charles Brenner.  Hear from Dr. Brenner, the creator and supporter of DNA-VIEW, a software solution offered by Bode Cellmark that allows for DNA mixture analysis as well as kinship and DNA identification. This one-hour webinar will cover principles of mixture interpretation and tools available to aid labs in interpretation.


One-day or half-day training programs can be offered at your agency with a minimum number of participants and can be customized to fit the educational needs of your agency.  Among others, topics including the following are offered:

  • Crime Scene Collection and Advanced DNA Techniques Workshop – Designed exclusively for crime scene personnel, detectives, attorneys and lab analysts who use the most advanced techniques of touch DNA evidence collection and technologies
  • Mixture Interpretation and Statistical Analysis Workshop – Provides training in mixture interpretation, deconvolution, and subsequent statistical analysis
  • Forensic Paternity Statistics Workshop – Provides training in various paternity index calculations, Bayes’ theorem, use of databases, and verbiage for conclusions
  • Forensic Kinship Statistics Workshop – Provides training for calculating various paternity and kinship indices by hand and understanding the statistics at the most fundamental level
  • Workshops on Expert Systems – Provides training on the use of expert system software including its setup, use as an expert system, data analysis and additional analytical tools​
  • Collection and Process Efficiencies in DNA Forensics Seminar - Join Bode Cellmark Forensics on May 22, 2017 for a half-day (8:30 am – 12:30 pm) seminar on Collection and Process Efficiencies in DNA Forensics at the Aloft Austin at the Domain. If you have any questions please email BTRegistration@LabCorp.com. Click here to sign up online.